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Why we are!

Professionalism creates trust- the principle on which we have been working already 9 years and thereby our company has earned an impeccable reputation among real estate agencies in Canarias Islands.
Working with us, you will receive a first professional advice about all property features in Tenerife, as well as details about all the pros and cons of a particular area, complex. We do not belong to any of the brands so we do not need to pay them any interest taken from our buyer’s pockets. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised that we offer one and the same object as the other brand agencies, but 5.000, 10.000, 20.000, and for luxury objects- 100.000 thousands euros cheaper.
In the autumn 2014 our agency began to develop own 3D virtual tours for exclusive objects. It is time-consuming but very fun and rewarding process whose result exceeds all expectations. As a result users of our site have the opportunity to visit the villa or apartment sitting in front of a computer anywhere in the world.
Dear guests! If anyone of you will be on this beautiful island and you will have an interest in purchasing property we recommend you to, among other agencies to visit our office. Do not forget, everything is relative.
Nice to meet you! – Adela VIP!